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thanks jay
December 12, 2009, 1:59 am
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it’s always sweetass to meet some one who has amazing taste in music, and completely different taste in music. enter: jay. i met him at ry high this year and he’s exposed me to sweetass mixtapes and new shit. this isn’t my typical indie darling playlist, but it’s badass: lupe’s new mixtape
we all know i fell in love with lupe after kick push.

the late andy kessler, r.i.p

the thing that is so cool about jay is that he interprets the music and i can tell how much he loves it. here’s his line up of lupe songs that actually carries a story line out and makes for good listening:

Characters are Michael History, The Game, and the Streets

FL = Food & Liquor

TC = The Cool

NA = Non-album song

* = MIGHT not be part of story

1. He Say, She Say (FL): Michael loses his father

2. *Kick, Push (FL): misfit, abandoned, gets introduced to The Streets

3. *Kick Push 2 (FL): mom becomes a crack head, father couldn’t be contacted, Michael is forced to take care of his sister, at first rejects hustling, (The Game)

4. *Just Might Be Okay (FL): promises to his mom he’ll stay straight, references steady mobbing, abandons his mom, gives into temptation (The Game)

5. *Sunshine (FL): falls in love with The Streets

6. *Ghetto Story (NA): Michael becomes corrupt, clings to The Game, hints at his death

7. *Hustlaz Song (NA): Michael is now forced to hustle to support his sister, becomes more corrupt

8. *Game Time (NA): talks more about The Games influence

9. *Fast Money (NA): Michael fully corrupt

10. *Spaze Out – Michael is killing his hood. He is now at his peak.

11. The Coolest (TC): The Streets gives Michael the key to the streets, talks about his transition from He Say, She Say

12. The After Life (NA): Michael killing his hood so hard there is now hate. Mentions Heroine (The Game’s son), mentions his hand, and the loss of his righteousness. Because The Streets gave Michael the key to the streets, The Game is now jealous.

13. The Die (TC): The death of Michael.

14. Real Recognize Real (NA): Michael is now dead, his mom mourns, mentions The Streets, mentions The Game, strippers sliding down Game’s leg is Michael’s mom

15. *Superstar (TC): Michael is denied from heaven

16. Cool (FL): Michael emerges from his grave as “The Cool”

another fun fact, lupe has a punk rock band called japanese cartoon. lupe? punk rock? yes please.

jay and i would also like to say twilight sucks.

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